I'm Raine. Just Raine.
I'm nothing special, but that's okay, it's fun to pretend otherwise! I feel at home in theatre mezzanines and bunk beds. I make messes and clean them up and I like my cats a lot. There's not much I don't like. I scream because I'm excited and write poetry because I'm scared.

The piano is not firewood yet.

I’m scared. 

That’s the right word for this all.



Some of the many funny Batman and Alfred moments over the years. BROTP.




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It’s criminal how short this is. 

This video is everything to me

what the fuck



An illustration I did of Mama Tits and her “Care Bear Stare Heard Round The World”


She was confronted by non acceptance & fought back with love!!
**Check out Mama Tits’s website: www.TheMamaTits.com
****Booking info for Mama Tits: MamaTitsOnStage@gmail.com
*****Press contact for Mama Tits: Sabrina@SabrinaDax.com
*****Download Mama Tit’s song here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/bad… Bad Girls - EP by Mama Tits

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"Clara tell me - am I a good man?"

The new Doctor lands, Saturday 23rd August on bbcone.

Purposely intimidating racist old white men on public transport.

Purposely intimidating racist old white men on public transport.

“Scar tissue has no character. It’s not like skin. It doesn’t show age or illness or pallor or tan. It has no pores, no hair, no wrinkles. It’s like a slip cover. It shields and disguises what’s beneath. That’s why we grow it; we have something to hide. ” — Susanna Kaysen, Girl, Interrupted

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labels are for soup cans and queer kids who want to know that they aren’t alone